My first post here so please be gentle!

Having installed Windows 8 on an old Windows XP PC, and having had problems in the past with fragmented pagefile.sys, I was wondering how to defragment it, or at least find out if it's fragmented in the first place.

I think I may have found a way... will this work?

I've used CONTIG from Sysinternals for a couple of years, which will defragment a single file and make it contiguous.

However I see it has been updated in November 2012 (that is, since Windows 8 was released). It's on a Microsoft site, says it supports "Windows XP and higher", so I assume this means it works in Windows 8?

So having downloaded and unzipped Contig, I then used the "Advanced Start-up" within PC Settings. (I believe {Shiftkey}Restart has the same effect.)

Within Advanced Start-up you can select a Command Prompt option... and from there I managed to run Contig with the -a switch which purports to tell me how fragmented the file is. This tells me that my pagefile.sys is one fragment; but presumably if it wasn't, I could defragment it using Contig with different parameters.

But it all seems a bit too easy - is there something wrong with my approach?

Thanks for your help.