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win 8 disk cleanup

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    Quote Originally Posted by visruth View Post
    Thanks to the advice from wonderful & helpful people in this forum, I don't use any third party cleaners especially registry ones
    It'll make a mess later on.

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    Windows 8 64-bit OEM Install Upgraded to 8.1 through Store

    Quote Originally Posted by visruth View Post
    I don't use any third party cleaners especially registry ones

    Even wisest advice NOT to use any registry cleaners as they do more harm than any good!
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    Windows 8 64-bit OEM Install Upgraded to 8.1 through Store

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBurns View Post
    Big Caution - tried it found it deleted some of my taskbar icons for portable apps. Otherwise, it's ok. Just not for me. Will use Windows Disk Cleanup. Got lots of unused disk space anyway, so guess it's silly to try to clean it up. Thanks anyway.
    I've been using it for almost 4 years - it never made any mistake i.e. only and only deleted .tmp files on XP Pro SP3 32-bit, 7 Pro SP1 64-bit and now the current one - I believe this depends on how is the setup
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    I've been using registry cleaners since the registry was invented. It becomes a huge junkyard otherwise .
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win 8 disk cleanup
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