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unknown continuous background process

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    unknown continuous background process

    I have just installed Windows 8 and there is some unknown process that keeps running in background causing the Windows loading symbol (revolving wheel) to show after every 3-4 seconds. Can anyone help get rid of that?

    I have attached the list of background processes on my PC.
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    By looking at the screen shot, I don't see anything that could be called "Unknown Processes", Most of the processes are being run by Windows 8 when it started. Under Service Host, there is a number in parenthesis, if you click the little triangle to expand it, you'll see a list of services being run.

    The only thing I saw is Firefox taking 6.8% of CPU usage, the rest is negligible. Click on the triangle before Firefox to see what's running that could take up 6.8% CPU usage. I also saw 2 instances of Adobe Flash Player are running, this could be the cause due to incompatibility between Firefox and Adobe Flash Player.
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    Maybe do a Boot Scan with antivirus program?
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    Does FireFox really consume that many resources? I haven't loaded any additional browsers on my Win8 box yet...
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    Hello, thanks for the replies.
    I found out what it was by ending each suspicious process. It was DW WLAN Utility.
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    Thanks for letting us know. This may help someone else in the future.
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unknown continuous background process
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