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i5 Extracting and WinRar

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    The question is how your system is configured. If you are doing repetitive calculations on a small subset of data and you have enough RAM then a faster CPU will make things faster. The OS will bring into memory anything it needs to repeatedly access and this is far faster than going to disk (of whatever type - sdd, hdd, san whatever). If not you need to page it in from disk.

    If as the OP said unzipping a rar is slower - this is because it can not be brought into memory - it is read processed and written.

    Assuming you have enough memory then compilations, encodings etc will be faster with faster CPU. Copying a file will not be.

    The only bottlenecks on any system are RAM, IO and CPU. It depends what you are doing but if CPU is not 100% then the bottleneck is elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamf View Post
    No, you are wrong. If CPU is 25% what does that mean? What it does not mean is that one core is used. And if it is 30% how is that one core? One and a bit cores? No it means the CPU is not being given enough work. ....

    Forget cores unless your CPU utilisation is close to 100% for your task. For a PC doing non scientific tasks (or perhaps compilation etc) it will not be. Certainly for unzipping a RAR it is IO.

    Although I could be completely wrong as I'm making assumptions and have not tested it. This is based on larger systems I work on.
    What I mean by 30 % cpu is that Winrar fully utilizes 1 core (~ 25% CPU reported by task manager) while some background process or you are listening to music while WinRAR is extracting for example, CPU usage will likely get a bit higher than 25% as shown by task manager. Not all "file sectors" [not sure if that is the correct word] inside a RAR file are actually compressed so extracting them require no CPU at all and thus the IO becomes the bottleneck for the most part.
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i5 Extracting and WinRar
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