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Stuck scanning/ repairing C drive (chkdsk)

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    Stuck scanning/ repairing C drive (chkdsk)

    Hey, as the thread title suggests, I'm having troubles with a disk check.

    Firstly, I'd like to mention that I've had this PC for a while... I've even taken the whole thing apart and swapped out all of the components (slowly upgraded over time). It's actually at the stage where I've been left with all the old parts as spares, and put everything back together, almost exactly as it was when I bought it. All in all, the initial build is probably 2 or 3 years old now (for the most part, the specs can be found here).
    After formatting the hard drive, putting things together back with the old build, and booting up Windows 8 onto it as a gift for my dad, most things were working fine, but one exe file which I copied across wasn't running (at least one which I noticed). I checked up the error code, found people with similar problems, and heard it could just be that the file was corrupted.

    So, to get to the main point... I figured it wouldn't hurt to run a disk check, in case there were any other errors or problems. I knew it would take a while, so I opened command prompt, and typed in "chkdsk C: /r", before hitting enter, letting it schedule the disk check for next startup, rebooting the PC, and then leaving it to do its thing. It's been running probably for about 4 or so hours now, and for most of that time it's been at 27% on "Scanning and repairing drive (C:)". Normally I'd just give in and force shut down at this point, but I'm wondering... what's the best course of action if it doesn't get anywhere with this?
    I'd really prefer not to force shut down, in case it causes any errors... I mean to say the least it's taken some effort and persistence to get the old build up and running again. =/

    Any advice would be appreciated, including why it might be sticking at this point in the first place (my guess is because of finding an error it can't manage to fix and getting stuck in an infinite loop or something).

    Edit - Ahh of course... sod's law comes to slap me in the face once again... I finish writing this post and submit it, after waiting a couple more hours in case the scan moved along a bit (something like 7 hours into the scan before I submitted this), and it suddenly decides it's finished the exact moment I press submit thread...
    Moral of the story - even if it takes forever, just be patient while your PC runs a scan...
    Sorry guys, as you were...

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    I'm facing the same problem, and now it is stuck
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    Best option is to just wait it out, and let it do what it has to do. It'll just take a while, especially if you have a large HDD. The disk check didn't really fix the file for me (turned out to be a windows 8 problem), but the main thing was it just needed to be left.

    Only consider turning it off if it takes more than 24 hours... Even then, try to avoid that at all costs, and wait it out before giving up.
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    Try typing:

    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    into administrator command prompt & let it finish, then run sfc /scannow.

    The dism command takes a long time to run.
    It will fix things if they can be fixed.
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    Disk Cleanup hangs on Windows 8 update cleanup

    I too have had that problem lately. I use Windows 8 Pro and do at least 10 extreme builds per month. I am a Microsoft Tech partner and an Intel Channel Partner. Windows 8 on tonight's load had 56 updates and 3 optional updates. I did the first 28, and the second 28. the the 3 optional updates. I then ran the disk cleanup. Well it hung on the windows update cleanup. There is only two ways to fix this. 1. After each update of 20 or so, and after the restart, run the disk cleanup, and let it run. It will take from 20 minutes to an hour per 20 updates. Or in the alternative, let it run for about 20 minutes, and if it has not finished, restart the computer, and you will see preparing to configure windows, do not turn off your computer! DO NOT TURN IT OFF, BECAUSE IF YOU DO, AND RUN sfc /scannow, you will have log file errors you cannot fix even with chkdsk C:/f/r. chkdsk will hang at 27% and never go on. From there, you might as well reload Windows 8, because you cannot fix the log file errors. You just have to wait it out. I have had it take 2 hours, but if you wait, you will have a good install, and if you don't you will not have an error free load. This is a known problem, and Microsoft is aware of it, and today when they open, I am going find out what they are doing about fixing this issue. I load about 20 machines per month, and I do not have the time it takes to go through this process, so I am going to bug them until the fix this issue. Remember do not reset the computer, let it finish until it reboots or you will not have a good install of Windows 8, and there is no available tool to repair this issue. At least not in Windows itself. My load above just rebooted. The configuration of the 56 updates took one hour and 20 minutes. THE RESTART METHOD IS ACTUALLY THE FASTEST, JUST MAKE SURE YOU LET THE DISK CLEANUP FOR WINDOWS UPDATE RUN FOR ABOUT 10 MINUTES BEFORE GOING TO RESTART. When restarted, run the command prompt as administrator and run sfc /scannow, and make sure there are no errors. HOPE THIS HELPS YOU GUYS. Once this process is complete, disk cleanup will thereafter run normal and fast.
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    Same "Clean Disk (Apparent) Hang" ~ But solved

    Following the procedure above, which I found when my Win8 Pro appeared hung.

    I waited approx 30 mins, then I cancelled the Cleanup, and immediately restarted.
    Got the configuring windows message, then some where between 1hr 35mins ~ 1hr 50mins
    later the PC re-started.. I did the SFC /scannow. It found errors and corrected them.

    I re-started again, NO Configuring Windows message this time.
    I then re did the SFC /scannow, this time NO errors.

    Hopefully everything will be fine.?
    Nothing untoward in the Event log, apart from a pesky intermittent "DNS" error

    Great forum, great contributions
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    I used to get that hang at 27% too. I would hardly say that when a problem arises the first thing to do is buy third-party software to fix it. But, for what it's worth, I found that with the Norton Utilities (which I already had anyway) if you select the "Repair Drives" option it will reboot and do a "CHKDSK /R" with no hang.
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    Anyone know what causes it to be stuck at 27%? And, why 27% what's so special about this number?

    I feel like this is a very very specific, Microsoft should know how to fix this, but they have not put out any patches. It really is LAME!
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    Mine is stuck at 11%. I triggered check disk through the 3rd party software Puran Defrag that was supposed to do a boot-time defrag and full disk check. I asked it to process two drives, so perhaps this is why the number is different (11% instead of 27%)? Will wait it out as suggested by some.

    UPDATE: The total process of scanning the two drives (both SSDs) and defragmenting took about 1.5 hours.
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    Mine was stuck for MORE than 24 hours!!! I would like to know why!
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Stuck scanning/ repairing C drive (chkdsk)
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