I started having a problem with my work computer, which is running Windows 8 Enterprise. The computer is on a domain while at work, and when at work on our network, everything runs fine.

But when I go home and use my WiFi at home, the computer constantly freezes about every 30 seconds for 10 seconds at a time. Whatever I am using, just says Not Responding for about 10 seconds whether it be IE 10, Outlook, Word, or any application.

If I turn WiFi off and have the machine off the internet, it all works perfectly fine again. For some reason it doesn't like my home wireless. I did a full reset on my wireless router, and everything is set to default/auto and dhcp.

I have the wireless network set to just standard G, and I get full signal and full internet speed. I use no security, but have the ssid set to not broadcasting.

I know the issue may be something in the group policy my IT department has set on the machine, but is it possible it's a setting in the router, or anything else I can change? I haven't had a chance to try another Wireless network yet to see if it's just my home network.