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Cannot format free space to extend a primary partition.

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    Cannot format free space to extend a primary partition.

    I am trying to extend a primary partition into part of what was a logical. I have already shrunk the logical, created a new partition in the new space, copied the data from the left to the right, then deleted the left drive to try an leave space for the Primary to extend into... but it won't give me the option! The old logical partition is still somehow there, with a green surround. I am not sure what the green line means! See picture:

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    I find that Windows Disk Management is not all that capable for partition management. It's great for displaying information, and manipulating drive letters, though.

    I use EaseUS FREE Partition Master Home Edition and it's light years ahead of the Windows utility. What you're trying to do would be a snap with EaseUS.

    I think the green line outlines an extended partition, within which you have your G partition preceded by unallocated space. What you'd want to do with EaseUS is drag the left handle of the green box up to the beginning of the G partition (i.e. eliminate the unallocated space from the extended partition) and then drag the right handle of the E partition to expand into the newly-made-available unallocated space.
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    Thanks wpcoe, that's more or less exactly what I did. I actually went hunting for software before I read your post, so I ended up using the free Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition. It might not have the slider bars, but it still did exactly what I wanted in about 30 seconds!

    Drive now looks like this, and I used your advice about re-naming the drives (hint taken!):

    Click image for larger version
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    The only 3rd party software that I know of, that fully supports Windows 8 is PARAGON 12.

    Paragon 12 now supports Windows 8 uEFI, GPT & Secure Boot.
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Cannot format free space to extend a primary partition.
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