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SSD, hibernation & quick boot

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    SSD, hibernation & quick boot

    I use Crucial M4 SSD and Windows 8 Professional on my notebook.
    I always disabled hibarnation when I use Windows 7 - I don't need this feature, don't use it and I have 8 GB RAM, so that big file is too big for my small disk.

    On Windows 8 situation is more complex... If I disable hibernation (powercfg -h off), there is no option to fast boot in power & energy settings. I write about this new kernel and start-up hibernation for speed up booting.

    8 GB... a lot... What should I do? Boot-up difference between enabled and disabled hibernation (and fast boot) is small, but noticeable.

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    go to:Control Panel--Hardware and Sound--Power Options--Choose what the power button does and you will see the check box for Turn on fast startup in Shutdown Settings. I think the windows default is that it is checked.
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    Yes, and it isn't problem.
    Problem is that when we disable hibernation (cmd -> powercfg -h off), this option... just disappear.
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    Fast boot requires a Hibernation File (Hiberfil.sys). Using the powercfg command you can cut the file by at most 50% (PowerCfg.exe /HIBERNATE /SIZE 50"). So you should end up with a 4GB file. Remember, no Hiberfil.sys no fast boot. ALso fast boot only works after a shutdown never a restart.
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SSD, hibernation & quick boot
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