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Does windows 8 consumes more battery power? Urgent

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    Does windows 8 consumes more battery power? Urgent

    hi my helping friends, i had windows 7 earlier , the rare of battery consumptions was 10 -14 watt hour as shown by battery meter gadget . then i installed windows 8 and installed windows 8 gadget pack then installed the battery meter gadget but the rate of consumption of battery was always 18 -22 watt hour even at that phase when i have not installed graphics card driver and other drivers.....i did the installation several times with different versions of windows 8 but got the same result.
    then i wanted to check with windows 7 again and installed it again and checked the rate of consumption it was great , i mean again 10 -14 watt hour....

    so is it true that win 8 consumes more power? if not what may be the cause???

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    Windows 8 is not known to consume more battery power than Windows , in fact it's the other way around. I know that gadgets by default are not installed as a feature by Microsoft due the security risk associated with them. Is this battery widget windows 8 compatible? How are the reviews? It may be a software issue, the widget may be giving false readings.

    How is the battery life in actual time? Ignore the widget. Is it better or is it actually worse?
    Also you mention drivers are not yet installed, please update them as they do not only improve performance but also bugs which may lead to a inefficient which leads to higher power consumption.
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    I think it's something with the widget, if it's not specifically coded for an OS, it will have some faults to it. I'd ignore it, install Windows 8 and drivers and let it finish installing and indexing. Then just let it sit there and watch how long it takes for the battery to die out from a full charge to empty with a stopwatch. Then recharge it all the way, and go to Windows 7 and do the same.

    Windows 8 should either have the same battery life as 7 or a bit better, as there are graphics kernel optimizations, CPU parking, less disk accessing, lower RAM usage, among other things. One of the design goals of Windows 8 was to optimize power usage.
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Does windows 8 consumes more battery power? Urgent
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