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Time and date frustration

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    Time and date frustration

    Sorry, guys, it's me again with my noddy questions.

    Our new Windows 8 laptop has an irritating habit of allowing a big rectangular time and date box to pop up in the middle of doing something totally different. OK, it could be us accidentally doing something untoward on the touchpad, which we're only just getting used to. But what?

    It's only there until we touch the touchpad or move the cursor, when it disappears. But how do we stop it appearing in the first place please? Obviously we still want to keep time and date available through the taskbar.

    I did take a sneaky peek at a couple of those new Windows 8 books in our friendly neighbourhood bookshop, but couldn't find the cause.


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    check out Brink's Tutorial section

    you may find it there
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    Hey Bungleberry,

    I can't say for sure this is what you're doing, but it is a way to recreate the phenomenon. If you move the pointer to the upper right corner, you wake up the 'Charms' menu (Search, Share, Start, etc.) If you then move the pointer down into the charms menu, the large rectangular time/date box opens.

    This apparently cannot be disabled in Windows Eight. It would be nice if MS had made a way to disable the hot corners for those of us who have no intention of investing in touch screens, or who just prefer to use the keyboard for such operations. Who knows? Maybe in SP1.

    However, you can install an alternative shell, like's Classic Shell, which does not have hot corners. I have no experience with this, so cannot recommend it, but I have used many SourceForge programs in the past with great success.

    Hope this helps you out.
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    There are ways to disable the 'hot corners' by either a third party application, or in the Registry. A search should bring those to light.
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    Thank you folks for your responses. Can't yet be certain whether hogtowner's thought has supplied the complete solution. Watch this space ...
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Time and date frustration
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