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Boot Screen freezing !!

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    Boot Screen freezing !!

    hi there,

    I recently installed Windows 8 for the 5th time now. It was working great and my last windows update was the microsoft framework for windows 8. Everything was working fine up untill i was on youtube watching a video in full screen and then suddenly my computer freezes, waited around 5min nothing happened so did the usual turn of by the button and when the boot screen came up nothing was happening except for the windows 8 circle just kept spinning. Restarted the system again and pressed windows + C key to get into the automatic repair which it did and then froze again but restarted again and the system is now working fine so far. Does anyone know what the cause of this is? and im just afraid it will happen again and dont really want to install windows 8 for the 7th time. Someone help!

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    Any dumps in c:\windows\minidump?

    If so zip them up and attach here.
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    hi there,
    Have tried finding the minidump folder but all my computer is telling me is it could not find any results for the mini dump folder?

    Any other solutions?
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    Did you use Windows Explorer or COmputer and look in c:\windows\minidump?

    Does the minidump folder exist under C:\Windows?
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    hello, yes i have tried looking for the mini dump folder while i was on MY COMPUTER then onto C: then onto Windows but there is no folder named minidump?
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    Has it been freezing quite a few times then nothing, followed by a restart and then it works for a bit then the same problem occurs?
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    no, it freezes and then when i restart its all running properly again
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    Quite possibly Early HDD failure. I suggest you backup all your system.

    Try these
    Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
    Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
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    hello there, thank you for the reply i will try these tommorow and get back to you
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    Windows doesn't makes minidump folder if not restarted yourself with blue screen to make minidump files.
    Try Tarka Dal sollution.
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Boot Screen freezing !!
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