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SSD Slow program launch.

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    SSD Slow program launch.

    Has anyone here experienced slow program launch times? I've been running Windows 8 since launch date and while I have my share of complaints, being slow isn't one of them.

    I haven't touched any system settings or anything but I have experienced a pretty drastic (comparatively) increase in launch times for programs. I have a Samsung 830 256GB. I have it provisioned so that I only see 200GB and I am only actively using 30GB of it. I have Windows 8 to optimize the drives daily and trim is enabled.

    All of a sudden, after a month without any kind of problems, Chrome and OneNote are extremely slow to load. By extremely I mean that it is no longer instantaneous. My computer is a older Core 2 Duo, 2ghz laptop with 4gb Ram. However, I could click on Chrome and OneNote and it will be open, pretty much instantaneously. I'm not sure what happened but they are now taking 3-5 seconds to launch.

    I know this sounds incredibly nitpicky and is the very definition of a first world problem but when you go from instantaneous to 3-5 second startups, that is a +100000000000% increase in startup time. I've gotten incredibly spoiled by the SSD. I'm wondering if Windows no longer stores the programs in RAM when I exit from it but it should, since they are among the top 5 most used programs on my computer.

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    Hi jaeb, I had a similar problem after the installation of a FW, unistalling that specific one and installing another one resolved the problem. the faulty fw was ZA (i have to say it was just released for w8) it may be they issued a new version.

    I hope my unswer can be usefull to you

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SSD Slow program launch.
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