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Is File History Backup A Joke?

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    Is File History Backup A Joke?

    Read up on the HUGE change to how Windows 8 handles backups. Largely, as far as O/S backups, it's already covering you automatically without having to fuss with it. It's debatable whether you need to do system partition images anymore but seems like not need. Won't got into the details. A lot of people it will take them a while to discover and learn about what's going on here.

    It's the File Recovery thing that, on the surface, seems pretty nifty! So I enabled it and then realized, it really is making duplicate copied of ALL my files in all my libraries on the target computer (another computer in my home). Anyone logging into that computer can browse to the folder where all my files are stored and essentially have access to all my files! (My wife, who uses the machine, can discover all my porn! - joking but maybe a serious issue for some!)

    While you can exclude directories there is no options for:

    a) password protecting backup copies of the files

    b) compressing files (so they don't take up the exact same amount of space as the actual files! - not good if your library has tons of large media files.)

    If you chose an SD card as your target, anyone who got their hands on the SD card would see all your files.

    So it seems I'm still going to have to rely on something like Acronis or Paragon, so I can compress and password protect the file backups!

    Am I missing something or has Microsoft once again, given little consideration to security issues!!!

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    Hello Consultant,

    I look at the "File History" feature in Windows 8 as an updated version of the "Previous Versions" feature in Vista and Windows 7 with a few more options.

    For what you are wanting, you may be better using Windows Backup instead.

    Backup Files in Windows 8
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    That's a decent suggestion. Kind of funny though running a program called "Windows 7 File Recovery".

    Problem is:

    a) No compression settings (I believe it does compress you just can't control by how much)

    and most importantly b) can't password protect the backup

    But like I said, security was never Microsoft's strong suit. LOL.

    I might also point out, if you ever want to recover your OS along with all your desktop apps (not the Win 8 metro apps), I'm assuming you have to use Windows 7 File Recovery also (assuming the System Image option will even do that), or, a third party program.

    Seems Microsoft doesn't care in Windows 8 (aside from this legacy Win 7 app) that users are forced to re-install on the desktop apps on an O/S Restore or Refresh. While they put the defrag software companies out of business a long time ago when they built it into Windows, they sure aren't going to put the backup software companies out of business any time soon.
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    Windows Backup does compress the backed up files some, but yeah you have no control on how much.

    I suppose you could set access permissions of the backup folder to prevent unauthorized access to it.

    Yes, a system image would include everything.

    By deault, you would have to reinstall all 3rd party programs after refreshing Windows 8. However, if you create a custom refresh image, you will not have to reinstall any 3rd party programs that were installed when the custom refresh image was created.
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Is File History Backup A Joke?
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