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Excessive RAM usage

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    Excessive RAM usage


    I just bought a Samsung NP900x3c and am puzzled why it is using so much ram. A clean windows with nothing open consumes 3GB of the 4 that are in it. Which leaves not much space for software.

    This is weird because it is supposed to be more lightweight than 7 and my desktop PC with Win7 and 16GB ram consumes only 2.2GB when almost nothing is open.

    Below a shot of my taskmanager. It seems like the ram is consumed by nothing, so it must be windows behind the scenes, or maybe some problem with it (?).

    thanks for ideas...

    Click image for larger version

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    What does the Process tab show you?
    How many programs are starting when you boot?
    I have 51 and use about 1.3GB (out of 4GB) after boot, before starting anything else.
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    Yes, you have an issue. Something has created a Memory Leak or something. Get Process Explorer and see if you can pinpoint what is using all that ram.

    Also, how many total processes do you have running,, showing in Task manager
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    Hi, thanks for feedback.

    I found the cause: it's a program called Condusiv IntelliMemory which came preinstalled. I can't find much on the tool but it's basically a harddisk cache. It kind of cheated Process Explorer by showing only little RAM usage but it took about 2GB without showing.

    Uninstalled, rebooted and only 1GB is in use now on a clean desktop.

    No idea why they put this on a device with SSD and Win8 which has IO cache of its own but I don't want it
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    Gotta love the OEM.
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Excessive RAM usage
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