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File History Missing Files

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    File History Missing Files


    I have switched on file history to an external drive and it seemed to be working however changes doesn’t seem to be saved. As an example, if I click on restore personal files I get yesterday’s date i.e. 1st December, but when I click on the Desktop icon it takes me back to the 17th November. My desktop has changed since the 17th November I have added some files to the desktop but they are not showing up in file history.

    There is plenty of space on the backup drive and it is set to back-up every hour.

    Also it states on the main file history screen that files were last copied 17/11/2012 17:33 and this doesn’t change even if I click run now?

    Another example, I scanned some documents in a couple of days ago but they are not in the My Scans folder in the file history. If I click on restore I get yesterday’s date 1st December (today is the 2nd December) and then if I click on the Documents Icon it takes me back to the 28th November and the My Scans folder doesn’t have the latest documents in it?

    Any ideas. I can see why this is not working.

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    I know this is old but for anyone else, I had the exact same problem and this seems to be why:

    My backup drive was on a laptop that's often shutdown or goes to sleep. Also I had put a really big file (80MB) on my desktop.

    When File History was run it would get to the big file and slowly work through it. Before finishing, the backup drive's computer would get turned off or go to sleep and that would cause this one file to be cancelled. Next day when it tried again it would start this big file from scratch, and again get cancelled before completion. So it was never getting a chance to copy most of the other files.

    I guess you should only use file history to back up to a drive that's usually connected for long periods of time.
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File History Missing Files
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