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    My Asus UX32A has been crashing sometimes during shutdown/restart/hibernate since I updated to Windows 8. Please see attached dump file and let me know if you have any advice.


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    I am Reposting my post from another thread. Perhaps it will provide some ideas....

    Hi folks! A clean install may indeed be needed, but does everyone know how shut down works on Windows 8/8.1?I just recently this myself, and I think it is important to understand. I have been getting errors like his in my Event Viewer, and freezing upon all cold reboots. I have tried many "fixes" and reinstalls (clean). Come to find out, there is no pure shut down on Windows 8/8.1. Instead, a hybrid shutdown is used. First, the user is logged off, then, the kernel is put into hibernation, and next, the hardware is shut down. This effectively puts the computer into hibernation when users are expecting a true shutdown.

    Now, I understand __________ is experiencing errors and issues during shutdown, sleep and restart. I also understand that he and I are getting many errors in EV besides just what is showcased in this post. But, I recall from way back that certain machines have always had a problem with hibernation in Windows of any version. I never did before, but then, hibernation was not enabled on my PC before.

    The gist of my comments then is..... I like Anshad's suggestion; disable hibernation, and also disable "Turn on fast startup", which for me is under "Change what closing the lid does" in the power settings. Since I do not have UEFI, I have also been wondering if the fast startup process (which relies on that hybrid shutdown), combined with something to do with Windows 8/8.1 power management have been tripping over my older hardware.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble. I just thought I would throw some ideas out there. I will be performing my fourth clean reinstall of 8.1 later today, avoiding most Windows updates, turning off fast startup and hibernation, and editing the permissions relating to the DCOM error. I had success with the DCOM permissions edit, but as soon as I used any Windows or other driver updates, it started flagging again.
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