Hp Laptop DV6 i5 2.4, 4gb RAM, 600GB HDD, GeForce GT 230M.

Fresh install of Windows 8. If idle HDD usage drops to almost nothing. So I don't think it's programs running in the background.

When I try to do something even as small as type in the password to log in the response time is really slow and then catches up all at once. As if I'm doing heaps in the background and it's waiting for resources.

With task manager running I can see that the HDD is maxing and RAM and CPU are basically idle. The strange thing is that with the processes sorted by HDD usage the total usage only is 1 to 2 MB/s. Like I said this happens when I do anything, no matter how small.

If I click to open something it will hang while the HDD usage spikes and eventually catchup.

Any ideas?