I think the app suspension feature as implemented pretty poorly without the option to disable this behaviour for select apps. I'd like to use the apps but I simply can't seeing that the main programs I use break when they're suspended.

Skype stops all contentions and will rarely give me message notification on new conversation, and while most types of downloads in Chrome will break including streams and sometimes even normal http downloads. If I want to check on another app like Skype or my email I'd like to switch from Chrome and come back hoping my stream be complete or download still working. Instead I have to juggle my apps around to make sure Chrome never leaves the screen for more than 5 seconds or I'll have to start all over

I wouldn't mind if Skype and Chrome were in the background using memory 100% of the time. I know this should be left to the developer to improve the background app functionality, but for the time being is there any way I can prevent suspension?