Win 7 got a bit notorious for issues related to long (30 - 60 sec) pauses when moving, copying, or deleting files, mostly on the LAN but also at times on local disks. Some of this was attributed to thumbnails, opportunistic locking (SMB2.x and FCB), folder size, and TCP parameters such as offload and scaling. There are a lot of "try this" posts but no real solution. Sometimes one could wait a minute to delete 2 files from a small folder on a local disk.

I know the multi-tasking and UI side are improved, and the "calculating..." dialog is gone, but it's hard to find a clear answer if this problem has actually been solved, partly solved, or not solved at all in Win 8. Does Windows 8 do basic local/LAN file operations reliably at sensible speeds, or does it still unreasonably slow down and delay?

I'd like to hear the experience of users on this forum as it's a really annoying Win 7 issue, Microsoft put a lot of work into file and explorer improvement, and it would be a huge motivator if it's solved in Win 8