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Windows 8 very slow after update

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    I would recommend doing a nuke and reload of the system.
    I have all updates to date, including that one and not having the issues I was having before.

    Yes, I understand that may be a pain in the butt, but, it is easier than spending days trying to fix something that may be wholly corrupted and unfix-able and having to do a nuke and reload anyway.

    That is not to say that I may not have issues coming, but I have re-added everything I had before, and all customizations are in place at this time and not having the issues I was prior to reloading.

    I have about 20 updates total at this time. These are all updates available through Windows Updates as of this posting.
    They repackaged some updates as an accumulative package.

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    I'll see if I can do a system restore, but there's no way I'm doing a clean install, having to re-install all of my software. Otherwise, I'll wait and see what comes about. Windows 8 isn't my primary system, but a transitional one to ensure that all the bugs are reasonably sorted out. I might try to uninstall the recent updates if I can't get a system restore.
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    Well, system restore was a bust. I thought I'd enabled it, but that wasn't the case, so I couldn't roll back. I did some more searching and found some very intereting info. It appears that KB2770917 is causing problems all over and so it seems is KB2756872 (these are supposed to be performance enhancing updates):

    Windows 8 Update Failing On KB2770917 - Microsoft Community

    It's Microsoft Patch Tuesday: November 2012 | TechRepublic

    Troubleshoot issues installing KB2756872

    I uninstalled KB2756872 and, after the obligatory restart (which is why I don't want to remove everything if not necessary), I went back to Windows Update to see what showed. I got KB2756872 again, as well as KB2770917 and a Windows Defender Update. So I deselected the lot and reselected the Defender update only and clicked to install. To my surprise, KB2770917 began to install uninvited, so I shut down the unistall process and went back to Windows 7.

    I didn't hang around to test if things were faster or not and I think I'll stay away from Windows 8 for a while, and see if the dust settles and Microsoft does something to fix the mess they have created. Microsoft started somewhat on the back foot with Windows 8 and they now appear to have their foot in their mouth with such poor updates. If they don't take some positive action quickly, bad news is going to travel fast.
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    I did some more Googling about the KB2770917 update failure, I absolutely hate it when something is not working when it should, and clearly complaints have been building. There is now a solution that requires disabling start up services through msconfig.exe, doing a restart and then applying the update. Once this is done, the update works and the services can be restored.

    I don't understand why this update issue hasn't been fixed by now, as there are clearly a lot of frustrated users who don't know what to do and, for an new OS, this is pretty poor. Why I had no issues with my x32 tablet, but did with my x64 desktop, I have no idea, as they are otherwise configured exactly the same. That said, I don't see any speed improvements, over Windows 7, with the updates now in place.

    After all of this, I'm more convinced than ever that Windows 8 in its 'tiles' configuration is not a desktop OS solution; even on my tablet I prefer the desktop option. Microsoft have tried to dumb down Windows to such an extent that they've thrown the baby out with the bath water. They really need to go back a few steps, re-evaluate (from a user point of view) and call Mea Culpa.
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Windows 8 very slow after update
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