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Stuck in Selective Startup mode

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    Windows 8 64 bit

    Stuck in Selective Startup mode

    I did a full install of retail Win 8 64 bit on a new hard drive in a triple core AMD with 6G of RAM about a week ago. Everything was working fine except for a minor problem with the scanner button on PaperPort. The recommended fix asked to automatically close all other programs, but then advised that it was unable to do so and to close the programs manually. I didn't see anything running, but to be sure I went to run, msconfig, and did a Selective Startup with a restart. Now I can't get out of Selective Startup. I don't see a “Run” tile any more but I can get into System Config through the System Config tile. I can select “Normal Startup,” but when I restart it always starts in Selective Startup. If I open System Config, Selective Startup is still indicated. I tried doing a repair from the Win8 disc, but that didn't help. I tried doing a system recovery to a previous point, but was unable to do that.

    Any ideas how to get back to Normal Startup without a full re-installation?

    Aaargh. I did a full reinstallation of Windows 8, and it is still stuck in Selective Startup mode. What am I missing here? Do I need to reformat the drive?
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    Windows 8 Enterprize 64 bit

    I have the same problem with a Windows 8 Enterprise from TechNet. I became aware of the problem by trying to fix another issue of the "Change PC settings" will not open. This original issue is preventing me from creating any new user accounts! Have not solved either problem.
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    Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit

    Do you have any programs in the startup list disabled or services disabled? If you do, you will be in "selective startup". Open the task manager and go over to the startup tab. There's a column that says Enabled or Disabled.

    What does "selective startup" have to do with being able to create a new account or open the "Change PC Settings" thing? I don't see how they are related. I bet they are unrelated problems. I am in selective startup mode, but can access the pc settings menu and also can add a user.

    As a side note, 5 of 8 times I just launched msconfig I see I'm in selective startup mode. The other times it showed I was in normal startup mode. That was launching msconfig 8 times immediately in a row...weird.
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Stuck in Selective Startup mode
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