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    My Dell PC randomly wakes up from sleep during the night. Since the machine is in my bedroom , this is a problem because we wake up too several times each night. This started 4 days ago after I installed Windows 8.
    Problem did not happen previously with W7. Nothing else changed.
    Contacted Microsoft support, the guy had me disable network card wakes up feature.
    However problem is NOT solved
    Last night woke up two times
    How can I stop this?
    For convenience I do not want to shut up the PC during the night, it's much easier to put it in hibernation mode.
    Thank you

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    Perhaps wake-up timers are still enabled.

    You can check this by going intp power management, expand Allow wake timers, choose Disable for both battery and plugged in when it is enabled.

    Can you tell us if your computer wakes up when you move the mouse? It could be a faulty sensor or a jiggling desk.
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    It's not the mouse. The problem appeared 4 days ago immediately after I changed from W7 to W8.
    So it must be W8 related.
    I will follow your advise about power setting, see what happens
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    Hello Mirceani, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    In addition, you might also see if using both options in the tutorial below may be able to help ID what is waking the computer up.

    Lastwake Command - Windows 7 Forums

    Hope this helps for now,
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    Did you perhaps install Media Center? I had a similar issue, which I traced to one of Media Center's scheduled maintenance jobs having "Wake the computer to run this task" checked. The Lastwake command, in my case, didn't provide any useful info.
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    I'll try that too tonight if it wakes me up again
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    Yes, I had this problem, and as NaySayer says, it was Media Center deciding it absolutely had to update itself at 3am. I killed it in the Task Scheduler, and disabled wakeup events in Power Settings too. It's behaved itself since.
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    My Media Center update tab is unchecked, so probably that's not it.
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    You have to go to the task scheduler and check each Media Center task individually - there are 23 of them o_O - for "Wake the computer to run this task" under the "Conditions" tab. Only two of them have it checked by default, but I don't recall which ones.
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