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Too Much Files / ETC?

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    Too Much Files / ETC?

    My computer isn't running slow, BUT I have this question.

    If I have alot of MUSIC like 80+GB of music, and like alot of games I play, does it make my computer slow?

    NOT having them running, but i mean just downloaded to my computer in like a folder??

    does it make my computer slow over time?

    should I save all my music/files into another usb hard/flash drive?

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    It depends on your hard drive capacity. If you have enough extra space available for the system in your hard drive, it shouldn't slow down your PC having music files stored. Having system cleaner software to clean your cache and temp files can also help.
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    I have 1TB HD!
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    Unless your drive is full to capacity, this should pose no problem at all.
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    N o it's not full?
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    will have been good to create a smaller partition, let say 200 gb , for Windows and after you install Windows create an other partition for the rest, the idea is to place Windows on the outside edge of the disk, where the disk go faster.
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    I do not understand, but for now i'll save to a USB.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mansonx View Post
    I do not understand, but for now i'll save to a USB.?
    Why? You were told by 2 different people that performance wouldn't be hurt unless your hard drive was nearly full... and 80GB on a 1TB drive has a negligible impact on your disk space...

    Let me be clear. 80GB of music on a 1TB drive will not significantly impact performance.

    As Area 66 indicated... Some people prefer to keep their OS and data separate for a variety of reasons, including potential performance improvements, but frankly I can't imagine anyone with enough music to cause space issues on a 1TB drive.

    With a separate partition, the performance is better because when loading software, the heads of the hard drive don't have to move as much. With a single partition, the OS will eventually (with patches/updates etc) be spread over the hard drive whether your music is on it or not.
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Too Much Files / ETC?
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