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Error while trying to create a system image

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    Error while trying to create a system image

    This is my first time posting here so please forgive any omissions.

    I just purchased a new laptop with windows 8 preinstalled. It has no data on it and I've only installed MS Office 2007 and Outlook 2010. Apart from that, everything is brand spanking new. I wanted to create a system image so I can reimage down the road if I run into problems. I navigate to Control Panel>Windows 7 File Recovery and start the process by selecting Create System Image. It starts to look for a drive, finds my external WD My Passport with 931 gb free. The total size of the image is 55.25 gb. I start the process and it says it's preparing to create the backup then it spits out an error saying "There is not enough disk space to create the volume shadow copy on the storage location." I've attached two screen caps showing what is being backed up and the error.

    I'm a novice-intermediate user and have tried to find the source of the problem but i'm stuck. I've tried to research the issue and after reading did the following:

    1. Check services to see that Volume Shadow copy is running.
    I found that the service was not running so i set it up to run automatically. However, after rebooting, it fails to start and I have to manually start it each time. Even after starting it, I get the same 'not enough disk space'. I set it to 'Automatic' (start delayed) to no effect.

    2. Check that Virtual Disk service is running, it was set to manual and NOT running. I changed to 'Automatic', rebooted it and it's running.

    3. I understand this error to be a result of a reserved partition that is over 50% used. I have checked the drives under Disk Management and it's reporting that all drives are 100% free with the exception of my C drive which is at 80%. I don't know if it's not accurately reporting disk usage but don't know how to find out otherwise. I've seen an article that blames bit defender and provides steps to fix but I'm not running bit defender and I'm worried about assigning drive letters to partitions in case I need to return the unit and end up messing it all up. Additionally, there are SO MANY VOLUMES listed that I'm not sure what partition is used as a system reserved.
    I've attached a screen cap of disk management.

    Please help, I love my new computer but I'm ready to eject it out the door with a forceful kick. It's taking too long to sort out and my work is suffering. I also apologize for the length of the post, I just want to be thorough.

    Kind regards.
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    Windows 8 64

    Hi LVIT.

    I have the same problem with error 0x80780119 (unable to create volume shadow copy) with a new Asus Win 8 64 laptop. Spent some time looking for a solution, but most solutions run the risk of me causing further problems, so went with the pragmatic solution of using Macrium Reflect (free version) which worked fine.

    I decided to use Macrium after reading this post about the 0x80780119 error on Win7: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit backup failed (0x80780119)

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    Windows 8 64 bit

    I too have the Asus UX32VD with Windows 8 64bit. I get the same error. I spent lot of time researching for a solution. I tried all that has been told like starting services for the following services, but in vain.
    Block level back up engine
    Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider
    Volume shadow copy
    Virtual disk
    Windows backup

    Any help is welcome.
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Error while trying to create a system image
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