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    No. I don't think it died. Owenspal is correct. Try turning it off.

    Please let us know if that works.

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    Yay, more reading, lol...Will let you know in a few hours!
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    Windows 8.1

    Well, it didn't work, I shut it off, then shut down the computer and tried again to boot into came up to the safe mode screen and when I tried to start into safe mode (I also tried safe mode with command prompt and start normal) I got the black screen that only shows the cursor. It again denied me access to the drive from windows 8 but after a little clicking around I found the way to get myself access, lol. It is currently scrolling thru the whole drive and the message says "setting security information on:" So, I assume that I can now at least move over all my pictures and documents to my windows 8 drive for now and do a new back up? Is there any way to save this other drive? I'm totally at a loss as to why it won't boot. By the way, I did find that I have a vista sp1 disc but it says to reinstall only (nothing about recovery, etc) so I didn't dare put it in. HELP!!!!

    p.s. - an added note, it just finished giving me full rights to access the drive but when I go in it still says access denied. I'm panicking.....
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    Hi andreah1
    Just a suggestion for you albeit slightly off topic - with your limited download copy your downloads to a double capacity dvd disk if you can ( or rw standard dvd's ) then at least you will not have to download the files again but dont forget to use multisession ( make sure finalise disk is not checked ) then you can add files later.

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    Thanks Keith!
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    I'm assuming the 8 side is working? While we're waiting. A request and some questions:
    - Please fill in your system specs, including your phone make and model since you tether for data.
    - How did you install 8? ISO download via your phone?
    - Is your dual boot on two seperate physical drives or two seperate partitions on one physical drive? I know you stated you have an OEM backup drive or partition.
    - I'm sure it is, but to make sure; When you tether your phone, is it through a USB port?
    - While tethering, what other modes or functions can it perform also? eg. Charge? Connect to phone's internal drive and/or extra drive card?

    eg. Here are my options for my Droid X2 phone via USB (not tethering):

    PC Mode
    Windows Media Sync
    USB Mass storage
    Charge Only

    When you boot up, is the phone connected? I'm thinking if your PC has access to your phone's drive or drives, this may be triggering CHKDSK.

    I have things I need to do. I won't be on until around 9 or 10 pm CST. I've sent PMs to a few friends for help. Hang in there!

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Ok, yes, the 8 side is working and I have two physical hard drives, one small one (60 gb) with 8 on it and a 500 gb with vista on it, when I go into explorer to try to view the vista drive I'm still getting denied and it doesn't even show the size (says 0 and ntfs) while all the rest have the size listed. There IS a recovery drive there but not sure how to use that to repair vista? I don't tether by phone (well, sometimes but rarely), I have a usb modem (Verizon uml290) that is obviously connected by usb. I have a dell inspiron 530. Not sure what else you want to know? 4 gigs of ram, core 2 processor. I actually did download the 8 file thru tethering a phone, a droid bionic thru usb, have the same options as yourself. I'm trying to not panic too much but while in all this process wondering if it's possible to download programs onto a usb drive and then install them into a new pc? I'm thinking my other hard drive is shot (praying it's not) but if so, I'll have to put a handful of programs on that I'd like to download from someone that has dsl....
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    Windows 8.1

    Update - tried using the installation disk to do a start up repair, first time it said it found errors and restart? I said yet but restarted into the cdrom again not sure if that hurt it. I restarted again into the vista drive, same problem. Tried start up repair again, no errors. Tried using system restore but it said there was none and I KNOW I have that set up. So, I'm at a loss. I do have a backup that was done with the backup program in vista...if I reinstall vista, how easy is it to restore from those backups? Will I still have to re-download and install all my programs?
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    Hello there!

    If I understand this correctly, when you start up Windows 8, it says it's checking the vista drive? As in, is it the C or D drive it's checking? And if I got it right, it seems like Windows 8 is detecting the hard drive with vista on it as NTFS (or RAW?) with 0 or with unknown capacity? If this is so, this means that the vista hard drive is failing pretty hard. I've seen many a hard drive go down this path....

    HD Tune website

    I would recommend, if you're able to boot into Windows 8 correctly, download and install HD Tune Pro, it'll let you use it for 15 days. Once you have that open, hit the Health tab, and see if there are red warnings anywhere. Preferably, if you can, post a screenshot (Start key and PrintScreen in Windows 8, it gets saved in a folder called Screenshots in Pictures library) or post a snippet of it with the Snipping Tool. Also, run the Error Scan from the Error Scan tab. It might take about an hour or so, depending on how bad the drive is. If there are a lot of red blocks, it's a failing drive, along with a warning from the Health tab saying the drive needs replacing.

    If the drive does need replacing, recovery will need to be done.
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    Thanks for your reply, upon starting into windows 8 now, it doesn't come up with any checking anymore, just goes into windows 8 smoothly. If I try to start into Vista, nothing, nothing at all. And yes, it's detecting the drive as ntfs with o capacity. I will try HD Tune tonight when I have some time to play around and see what happens. Just all seems so strange that just a few days after I install windows 8, the vista drive fails....strange coincidence?
    I'll also post my question again as well...does anyone know how to restore from a back up done with whatever back up program that comes with vista? At this point I'm gonna try to hold on til Black Friday and hope that Dell has a good sale so I can pick up another computer for cheap. Trying to decide if I want windows 8 on that or buy a 7 cheaper. I've been told that if I buy a windows 8 computer I can't put in my other internal hard drive in it because they are all different now than there were before (mine connects with the wide ribbon).
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