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Imaging 8 with IFW

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    Imaging 8 with IFW

    For many years I have successfully used Terabyte Unlimited's Image For Windows to write and restore images of Windows operating systems. Not being an MS product, perhaps this esoteric question is inappropriate. But since an answer to my problem has not been forthcoming in other forums - over many months - and it is alleged that Win 8 design may be the cause, I fish for insights here...

    With the advent of Windows 8, an image created on a SATA drive while running Win 8 will, when restored, "dirty" the NTFS on that partition, and occasionally badly corrupt other partitions as well. This has occurred in every incarnation of W8, from CPV through RTM. Very knowledgeable Terabye support cites the following cause...

    " The corruption issue via hibernation (fast startup) has to do with booting
    > between windows versions when one hibernates and shares partition with the
    > other windows version, in that case coming out of hibernation, that windows
    > version doesn't remount the partitions and instead assumes nothing has
    > changed on any of the partitions (a flawed design).

    So, using Windows 8 toggles, I disabled hibernation, hybrid sleep and fast start up - to no effect. Corruption persists - every time. And the two Windows versions here do not share a partition; they are on entirely separate drives. (How can two O/S share a partition?)

    Though the image passes validation, the fault seems to occur during imaging, and only becomes evident upon restore.

    A second drive on this machine runs W7. An image of the W8 partition made while using the W7 drive does not corrupt the file system when the image is restored. Further, an image of W7 made while using W7 restores perfectly.
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    hi, i have more or less the same problem. i multi boot with terabyte bootit and many operating system and the 'dirty' partition thing has just started since installing windows 8.
    windows 8 itself only found a problem 1 time and i had the new blue screen but it never managed to repair anything.
    i image the partitions with acronis true image and that has always been ok from either windows.
    i seems that the quick start is just too quick and does not unmount/mount/check other partitions properly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gazzacbr View Post
    Hi, I have more or less the same problem...
    Well, it's good to know that it is not machine specific. As mentioned, even if fast start, hibernation and hybrid sleep are toggled off, the fault still occurs. Consider reporting your observations to the Terabyte forum. Perhaps that will prompt further investigation.
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Imaging 8 with IFW
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