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win 8 / macbook pro issues

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    win 8 / macbook pro issues

    I own a late 2011 15" MacBook pro (quad core i7) with 8gb ram and find windows 8 to be quite buggy.

    I've noticed a lot of the icons have been replaced with these squares for one (see attachment)

    on occasion, if i'm running say photoshop and dreamweaver, the tops of the windows start to become blocky and "broken" - like defragmented, also the text becomes huge and sections of the windows (browse buttons for example) become unresponsive.

    I remember this being a memory issue with older versions of windows (98/ME) but I have more than enough memory (I believe).

    The fans go crazy from startup to shut down. I left my laptop on today, uploading some low res jpegs to dropbox and came home to it still sounding like its about to take off.

    The task manager shows I'm using around 17% cpu and 35% memory and still the laptop is burning up and the fans are going.

    I also find it lags a bit, like brush tools in photoshop take a while to register (with Wacom tablet or mouse)

    I've had problems with office 2010, in particular, outlook. At the moment, I can't drag and drop attachments into emails and the ESC key thing doesn't work either.

    Lastly, I have files that appear in my USER account and some that appear in PUBLIC but don't appear in the other.
    I seem to have to run everything as admin, and something this morning told me I couldn't access something else (helpful I know) because I have admin rights to that program.

    Overall, I think windows 8 is pretty slick and when it works, it's a pretty good system, but for now, unless it's a matter of waiting for the next bootcamp drivers or a service pack, it's no good to me.

    For work reasons, I'm going back to windows 7, however if anyone has any idea what could be wrong or how to fix the issues, please let me know. I need to upgrade the hard drive soon and will probably stick windows 8 on it if there are fixes.

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win 8 / macbook pro issues
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