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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    I think he's trying to avoid reinstalling and setting everything up again - hence the image backup.
    Well, I am just trying to learn what exactly I am dealing with; I am not certain what will work.
    Doing the system restore is fine, doing a reinstall is fine. I did not know that the dvd allowed me to do a full reinstall.

    That is a bit curious, don't you think? Why sell the full version and the upgrade version if the upgrade version will do a full install?

    Or am I misunderstanding something (again)?


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    mix: Win95, 98, XP Pro, Vista, 7, 8.

    OH yeah, do the Macrium. It also has a Pro version, and it's compatible with Linux as well. I tried Paragon and the other big players, finding them all dysfunctional or wanting in some way.
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    Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit (7 Ult, Vista & XP in V-Box)

    Just switched from using the built-in imaging to using Macrium.

    Very happy with it so far.

    Am re-imaging all my machines with it.

    Like brainout, I found issues with the other alternatives I tried.
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    Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit (7 Ult, Vista & XP in V-Box)

    Switched back again...

    Macrium point-bank refused to restore an image.

    ANY image. ANYwhere.

    Easeus, well, isn't.

    Paragon works, but I don't trust it testing.

    Going back to the built-in Whinge-doze imaging.

    At least I KNOW it works every time.

    Most of this 3rd-party imaging software is crap.
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    Windows 8 enterprise x64

    WhS 2011 is the best solution for backup and restore, at $ 50 it's a no brain deal if you have an extra PC to host it.
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System Backup
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