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Metro Screen Frozen

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    Metro Screen Frozen

    Hi All - I've done a ton of internet research on this and haven't found my problem specifically described - although some situations very close...

    Out of the blue, the metro screen for my 2 accounts (MS live accounts) is essentially locked up. Clicking on apps and tiles doesn't do anything. Keyboard works to some degree and I can do a win+R to get into desktop and be somewhat functional although after a period of time, clicking on programs and icons in desktop freezes up as well. The lock screen always works fine and I can CTRL+ALT+DEL into lock screen all the time.

    Was able to boot into safe mode and everything works as normal in safe mode w/o networking. I created a local account and then booted back normally and that local account seems to work fine also. Tried the OLE registry manipulations, etc. that were suggested by Mr Google and that didn't help.

    Question is, if this is related to using MS online live accounts, why? And how can I ensure this doesn't come back if I use local accounts only? Could this be created all by some app I used - have downloaded the "live cam" app and that's really the only one that was common between the two accounts. Installed some software that needed .net 3.5 also. Could that be it? Video card drivers maybe for my 9500GT?

    Interested in some thoughts if anyone has ideas.


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    Just kind of thinking out loud here, but how is your internet connection? Is it stable? What kind of ping times/latency do you get if you test to one of the speed test sites?
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    it's a good thought and my connection hasn't been terribly stable lately. Wonder what that could have to do with it.

    So - booted into safe mode with networking on one account. Suddenly works. Switched to other account and didn't work. Then, booted into safe mode w/ networking into other account and now, it works.

    This is screwy!

    Might do a clean install and set up local accounts as this seems to be the source of problems in one way or another - or an app that got screwed up. Can't think of what else it would be since I've been able to solve the problem for one account. At least it looks like it's at the user level vs. system level and I have a fix.
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Metro Screen Frozen
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