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Windows 8 searching before I've finished typing

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    Windows 8 searching before I've finished typing

    I'm having some difficulty searching from the Windows Search bar in Explorer.
    It starts the search before I've stopped typing!
    Once the search is initialised, focus is lost from the Search box so if I continue typing or hitting backspace, I inadvertently start navigating through folders! This is driving me crazy.

    Is there a registry entry or some other method of specifying a pause/delay before a search is triggered?

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    hi Denton
    I'm using win 8 Enterprise. On my knowledge win 8 has no search icon on its search box without delay. So when we start typing any letter it will start searching, but normally the cursor won't go anywhere though we finish typing unless we leave it by clicking the mouse to other area on the screen.

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    I have to click twice for every letter I type after the first one. The cursor will not stay there.
    What a pain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol View Post
    I have to click twice for every letter I type after the first one. The cursor will not stay there.
    What a pain.
    Hi carol
    What are you using -- laptop with touchpad or "classical mouse". Sometimes especially with Wireless mice the cursor can jump all over the place -- you need to check that a) the Video drivers for your machine are correct, and b) chose a Touchpad driver that can disable the touchpad when a mouse is also connected -- the Synaptics site has a load of "Generic" drivers -- it's often a bit of Trial and error to find one that does the trick. The manufacturer's site might also have some drivers but I've found in general the Synaptic generic drivers work best.

    Search on W8 is fine -- OK say you start with W* it will retrieve all items with W* but as you continue typing the search will automatically adjust -- it's extremely fast and efficient.

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    I am using a PC with regular mouse, not wireless. Video drivers are up to date.

    When I start to search and put in the first letter the cursor then disappears as it does the search for the first letter. I click again for the second letter & it just highlights the first letter. I then have to click again to get an active cursor to add a second letter.

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Windows 8 searching before I've finished typing
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