I have a 2005 vintage laptop: HP Pavilion DV8000 CTO, which comes with 2GB DDR400 and a 2.2 Ghz single core CPU.

I have inserted a 2GB SD card and configured it to be used exclusively for ReadyBoost.

Prior to using ReadyBoost, the laptop took up to 3 minutes to boot windows 8.

If I do a restart (not shutdown followed by start), Readyboost starts the laptop in about 25 seconds. While this happens I can see the SD card is being accessed as the slot's blue light flashes.

If I do a shut down and then power up ( rather than restart ), the SD slot is not accessed during the boot (no blue light flashing) and the laptop takes up to 3 minutes to boot.

So readyboost can definitely use my SD card, but seemingly only from a restart, not a cold boot.

The same thing happens if I use a modern USB flash drive as the readyboost device with this laptop.

On my other 3 PCs, ReadyBoost works for both restarts and cold boots using the same USB flash drive. So I think the SD Card and SD card slot are not to blame, but rather, it is something to do with how the PC accesses external memory devices from a cold boot.

Does anybody have a solution to this?

New Zealand