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Hang on Restart/Shut Down, Slow Boot Times !!

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    Hang on Restart/Shut Down, Slow Boot Times !!

    I'm getting soo many problems regarding booting after upgrading to W8 Pro yesterday on my Asus Zenbook UX32A.
    2nd Gen i3-2367M processor @ 1.4GHz (for Ultrabooks)
    6GB DDR3 RAM
    500GB HDD + 30GB SSD (for Fast Resume, etc.)

    Issue # 1: Whenever I Restart or Shut Down, the system HANGS there and does not progress *most* of the time. To fix this I have to always resort to holding the power button.

    Issue # 2: When I boot the PC up, it takes SO long for me to get to the Start menu, around 1:15-1:30 min, which is longer than it took me on W7. I know I have an HDD, but this is abnormally long to me. Once in a blue moon, I will boot up in a matter of 30-40 seconds (which I think is how long it should take), but mostly it takes really long.

    Issue # 3: To test the above 2 issues, I went ahead and opened msconfig from Run, and disabled all Non-Microsoft services except AVG to check. When I shutdown and power on - everything is fine, shuts down nicely, powers on nicely - however, the second time I do this, the system will hang on shut down, or will hang on start up, sometimes I can hear the startup sound but nothing on the screen, all sorts of weird actions.

    Issue # 4: This one is funny. On standby (lid down), the system will restart itself. Happened while I was sleeping, I could hear the boot sound.

    Please help me!!

    EDIT: The problem is still there when I disable 'Fast Start-Up' in Power Options. The problem is due to the processor state, it keeps resetting to 100%.
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    Hi Onlyskills, welcome to the forums, check minimum, maximum processor power state and see whether they are o%, if they are try changing to 100% and see whether it helps, I can't guarantee that this will resolve your problem but worth a try.
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    Hi, I will try changing that when later on today. But is it normal to keep it always at 100%? I mean they really need a fix for this.

    But, NO one else is having this problem?
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    Hi OnlySkills, I assume this is due to Windows power management and CPU's built in power management conflict because another member found this problem with his core I CPU. You don't need to keep the processor minimum power state at 100% all the time.
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Try turning off the fast/hybrid boot option. Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
    I had one PC that would freeze every time on a cold boot. I would have to press the reset button to get it to fully boot up. turning off the fast boot fixed it.
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    Hi. So I do believe the problem is with the processor state. Mine keeps resetting itself to 100% minimum and maximum. I put minimum to 5% and it restarted fine. However, even after downloading updated power management software (I use power4gear) it still keeps resettingthe minimum to 100%. I haven't tried a restart since though.
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    Hi OnlySkills, could you please uninstall AVG security, reboot and see, there are many members having difficulties caused by Avast, ESET....etc.
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    Hi. I've done about 3 restarts and shut downs, with Fast Startup ON, and it all went fine.
    When I check my Minimum CPU Processor state in Power options, it shows 100% each time (it resets itself).
    However, when I open Task Manager, it shows my CPU running at 0.78GHz most of the time (max is 1.40GHz).
    So does this mean that the minimum cpu state in Power Options is flawed? Meaning it's not showing the true minimum processor state?

    So far I'm good with this, but I can't stand the fact that my processor might be running at 100% all the time..according to Power Options.

    Additionally, W8 has many of its other glitches. I find myself holding the power button to reboot A LOT. Random black screens if the computer is left idle, and random freezes/glitches where the Start menu is blank and I must hard reboot. Sometimes weird issues with shutting down, etc. Also, my Gamma keeps resetting, I set it via Colour calibration in the CP but it keeps going back to original.
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Windows 10 Education 64 Bit

    It's been my experience that the more hard resets etc you have to do, the worse things will get. It's just another chance for system corruption that just leads to more problems. If it was me I'd start over will a clean slate and a clean install.
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    ^ I understand. I would be down to do a clean install too. But however I purchased and downloaded it online, and I never saved it to any media. So how would I even go about to going to a clean install?
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Hang on Restart/Shut Down, Slow Boot Times !!
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