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Windows 8 is the worst thing to happen to my pc

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    Windows 8 is the worst thing to happen to my pc

    I hate flaming and raging, but theres no choice.

    Buying windows 8 was the worst mistake ive made for the last 10 years at least. Heres the list of issues that i couldnt find any help for:

    Chrome doesnt google search. It just freezes like theres no internet.

    listening to music online on chrome is horrible because the tracks stop to buffer every 10 seconds.

    metro has the slowest damn connection speed when using any online services like the store.

    kaspersky doesnt update, its stuck on random percentage

    i thought that there was an issu with chrome in w8 so i got firefox. It doesnt launch. The arrow just has the floating circle like its about to open and never does.

    Unstalling games i assume takes days since ive only gotten to 0.1% in 4 hours.

    Every single explorer window like folders or even control panel opens with a 10 sec delay. 20 sec or doesnt even open when launched from metro. Last two times i tried to boot up my pc windows froze after about 10 minutes.

    Forgive my spelling because im typing this from my ipad for i have forsaken any chances at going on the internet or even using my pc now.

    This sucks so much, ive got a ton of work and uni studies to do and now everything is lost because i can barely access my computer. So much for new windows.

    If theres any chance of help for me that would be greatly appreciated.

    I only had the option to install 32 bit even though im using a 64 pc, but there wasnt anything on the ms website about a 64 and auto updater didnt prompt anything so i guess ms fooled me there too.

    thanks a bunch Gates.

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    Clean install the 64-bit version. The easiest way would be to clean install 7 64-bit, activate it, run the Upgrade Assistant and get the 64-bit 8 .iso, copy that to USB and then clean install over 7.
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    Try redownloading from the email link.

    Quote Originally Posted by Your Windows Store email
    If you need to download Windows, write down your new product key and enter it here.
    How to redownload your Windows 8 Upgrade setup D/L.

    Than make the ISO, & burn to DVD or USB pendrive.
    Create Bootable USB or DVD with Windows 8 ISO

    Try a upgrade install from the DVD:
    Try a clean install.
    SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation - Windows 7 Forums
    Clean Install - Windows 8

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    I can tell you that Chrome work perfectly on mine since August 15th
    You don't need Kaspersky with Windows Defender

    You probably have drivers missing and other problem with your PC it will be good to give a description of your PC, from what I can see the problem come from your PC or the way you install Windows

    Gates as nothing to so with it, it's Steven Sinofsky and Balmer the responsible of Windows 8
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    The main reason i got the upgrade is that id would upgrade the windows without any losses to private data etc.

    guess ill have to do a clean install then, thanks...
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    Sounds like the upgrade didn't go too well.

    Yes I am afraid you don't get to choose the bit version.

    If you are using win8 - lack of choice will become all too familiar.
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    No problems here upgrading from 7 ultimate. Unfortunately clean install sounds needed.
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Windows 8 is the worst thing to happen to my pc
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