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My CPU is HOT. How to cool down???

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    My CPU is HOT. How to cool down???

    It's burning big time. It would do this before I installed 8 (I kept files and settings in the install if that makes any difference but I only re-installed 7 a few weeks ago)

    All I am running right now is firefox with 1 tab and CPU has gone down to 83 but then back up again. The screenshot is from a few minutes ago when it was at it's hottest and I had 1 or 2 more tabs open and no other apps
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    Ooohhh that is HOT!

    I can tell you right off the bat, you'll need to do cleaning of the heatsink of your laptop. Chances are, your laptop might have an access panel right on top of the heatsink, especially since it's an Acer. I would recommend YouTubing or Binging or googling any tutorials on how to remove the heatsink, or the extreme, how to disassemble the laptop.

    You will need to buy some new thermal paste, like Arctic Silver 5.
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    Damn I was hoping it was something to do with programs that could be easily be fixed. Guess I may have to find someone to fix this for me if it's too complicated.
    Any other suggestions share them although I think that one reply sounds about right so thanks coke
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    My Acer lappies usually just need a brushing and a blow-out with canned air or similar.

    BUT.....(there always is one, isn't there)

    Some Acer laptops have a fine mesh screen mounted internally from the main heat exit vent.

    This WILL clog, and can be an absolute cow to get at to clean.

    You will need a longish, thin brush to get at it, whether from inside or outside the machine.

    I've found this with many Acer laptops with heat issues, especially the ones that 'have been cleaned' and still overheat.

    Hope this is of some help to you.....
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    You're welcome Vesh! You could, in the meantime if the temps are getting too high for you, consider investing a laptop cooling pad. They're usually about 20 or so dollars, and they have a fan powered by a USB port usually.
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    when your pc gets hot and/or slow just open "TASK Manager " with "Ctrl"+"Shift"+"Esc" and you can see what is taking so muck ram and heating cpu and click on any software you do not use it in current time and click "end task" or "delete" if this not worked type "win"+"R" and write "msconfig" and in Boot click in advanced options turn on maximum memory and turn it off and type ok and ok and then restart your pc always work for me and you can also clean temporary internet files in mine it toke 30GB in your "c" disk with i suggest ccleaner
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    +1 on the cooling pad! My two Acers run cooler with a cooling pad underneath; they still get quite warm, they rarely got hot.
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    My acer started to run a little too warm so i tried a laptop cooler from Amazon but it made no difference at all so it had to be a manual clean of the cooling system, no problem i thought, i will just take one of the cover off from the base and clean it out, well the cooling in my Acer 7551 is so buried there is only one way to get to it and that is to totally dismantle the laptop

    taking a deep breath i took hold of the screwdriver and took it completely to pieces, it wasn't as hard or as daunting as i had imagined and i soon had the motherboard out and was able to clean the cooling pipe properly with a soft brush, the fan enclosure was properly gunked up with dust and fluff ( laptop is 6 years old ), it was well worth the half hour it took to dismantle as it now runs cool and silent with the fan hardly coming on at all, so i would say it is not too hard to clean out a laptop if you take your time and remember what came out of where, i took loads of pics on my mobile so that i knew where cables etc went.
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My CPU is HOT. How to cool down???
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