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SLEEP intermittent

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    SLEEP intermittent

    When using W8 PV version and its predecessors, SLEEP worked immediately and flawlessly at the appointed time.
    With W8 Pro auto-SLEEP kicks in only occasionally. Manually SLEEP performs every time.

    Many suggestions have been tried...
    BIOS has not been changed since PV version days - no wake timers are set.

    In POWER MANAGEMENT the hard disk shutdown has been set to NEVER.
    Wake timers have been disabled.
    Hybrid-sleep has been disabled, and auto-SLEEP seems a bit more dependable, but still regularly fails.
    SLEEP has been chosen for the action of the power button.

    Network's Power Settings "allow to wake this device" has been toggled off.
    At the command prompt, typing "powercfg /h" or "powercfg /hibernate" returns "invalid command" even though that appears to be a valid command.

    Open to suggestions...

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    Hello Borgus,

    The command should be this below instead. I find it works better with hibernate disabled.

    To turn on hibernate= powercfg -h on

    To turn off hibernate= powercfg -h off

    Hibernate - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Forums
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    Good to see you again Brink. In mentioning "Powercfg /h" I was referring to what I see in the elevated command window: "invalid." When I type "Powercfg /list" (or other command switches) I see them. Guess this one doesn't work that way.

    In any case, "Powercfg -h on and -h off were both tested. No change. Doesn't want to auto-sleep at all now.
    In my tests the network's "allow this connection to wake..." box was re-enabled. When I again UNchecked it auto-sleep worked exactly as it should - ONCE. Perhaps that's a clue.

    Did a PC REFRESH, which essentially brought the O/S. back to a state prior to install of any programs. Same. So something basic is amiss here. Strictly a one-user PC. No home groups, no networks but for the ethernet to the Net.

    Ran SFC /scannow and it reports files that it cannot fix, but I doubt that's germane. Saw the same thing with the PV and earlier incarnations where SLEEP worked flawlessly.

    Changed Windows desktop theme to an MS default. Same. Annoying to have this problem with the RTM after months of PV usage without that fault.
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    It's good to see you again as well mate.

    Did you do an upgrade or clean install to the RTM? Could be some remnant from the previous OS if upgraded.

    As a test, disconnect everything connected to the computer included network cable, printer, etc.... to see how sleep performs afterwards. If it works just fine, then it may just be a matter of connecting each item back one at a time testing after each until the culprit is revealed.
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    SLEEP INTERMITTENT (persistent problem)

    Brink, This was an upgrade over the PV version, but it looked mighty clean to me; took a full day to reconfigure and install.

    But that seems to be irrelevant: as if to make a liar out of me, I restored the PV version and an even earlier CPV image. Both had the same problem. In the PV release, after switching the wireless mouse from USB to PS2 SLEEP kicked in, but the RTM version wouldn't do the same. Also restored an image of the RTM virgin, made immediately after the install. No joy.

    Manually searched on line for an updated RealTek PCIe GBE family controller. None found. Let W8 search as well: "best driver is installed." Ran the Net troubleshooter. No problems.

    Killed the desktop live tiles, disconnected the DSL phone line, disconnected the USB printer. Naga. A pain in the ptootie.

    The only way W8 sleeps consistently is when the ethernet adapter is disabled or the ethernet cable is disconnected. Not practical, and it's not been needed in the past. Win 7 - different drive, same machine, same hardware and seemingly the same Net adapter and power settings - auto-sleeps without a hitch.


    After leaving the PC on at bedtime, I noted in the morning that it had finally entered sleep mode. Who's to say how long that took.
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    Win 8 release canadate

    I have similar problems with the released version.
    It seems to take several naps before finally going to sleep.
    It will shut down for a few minutes or seconds in some cases, then wake up and sit there for a while before shutting down again.
    After several rounds of this it stays down.
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    Hello Mike,

    You might also test with Fast Startup turned off to see if that may help.

    Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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SLEEP intermittent
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