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Windows 8 Running Cooler?

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    Windows 8 Running Cooler?

    FWIW --

    For the past couple of years I've been using the Core Temp utility and a desktop gadget to monitor the temperatures of my CPU cores. I've learned that once I see temperatures above 55 Celsius it's time to open up the case and do a bit of housecleaning to the clear dust from the fans and heat sinks.

    Prior to upgrading to the Windows 8 release version via TechNet, my primary core was beginning to creep up toward the 55C level, so I was thinking about powering down and doing a clean-up. However, now that I've completed the installation of Windows 8 and my primary apps and utilities, I see that Core Temp (sans desktop gadget) is reporting temp levels ranging from 45-47C, with very occasional peaks around 50C.

    While that doesn't really let me off the hook in terms of PC housekeeping, it does appear that Windows 8 is putting a fair bit less stress on the overall system. FWIW, I was previously running Windows 8 Developer Preview, but I didn't notice much difference between the operating temperature with that build and my previous config of Windows 7 SP1.

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    This is likely the result of core parking. Windows will now put specific cores into a sort of sleep mode when your system is not using them. I think you need a relatively modern processor though for that to work. Windows 8 may just be running more efficiently, and thus using less energy and thus less heat.
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    The energy conservationist part of me is pleased.

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    Very interesting. Core parking or whatever, It s better for a laptop anyway. I also get some high readings on Win7. I thought it was a misreading by Core Temp beta but no, it's confirmed now. Is 45 - 50C OK for an idle laptop? Maybe it depends on the hardware and apps running in background.
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    That's usually normal for a laptop to idle that high. It depends on the processor as well, but that's your ballpark average. The cooler on laptops are usually awful in general but get the job done.

    I'd be concerned if the laptop was shutting off at random intervals, usually under stress, because that indicates overheating.
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    I don't understand this. My computer has a safe guard that shuts it down to prevent it from overheating. Recently my computer has been shutting off a lot. I think I need a new cooling fan. However, it does this the most with Windows 7. Windows Vista seemed to only do this seldom. Windows 7, its literally 3 times a day! I only have been running Windows 8 for one day, but I have not encountered any surprise shutdowns, my cooling fan is a lot quieter, and my system doesn't slow down greatly. I do plan to get a new cooling fan in the near future, and a Solid State Drive.
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Windows 8 Running Cooler?
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