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SSD, hibernation and wear... Needing advice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skallal View Post
    If you're using an SSD drive, then you shouldn't need hibernation.
    Given the default shutdown or restart states are not actually shutting down the kernel (it's hibernating), using Windows 8 actually DOES need hibernation. Given this makes the Windows 8 (re)boot process much faster, it's something I would never recommend changing either - SSD + Windows 8 is a fast boot, and if you can do it on UEFI class 3 hardware, it should be almost instantaneous.

    As to wear on the disk, it would depend on the drive and how it's otherwise used. Most gen-2 and 3 drives, under what would be considered normal wear and tear usage, should last for many years (I've seen estimates of close to 20 years, but I'd suspect it's likely to be more like 7-10 years. I have nothing to back this up, just skepticism...) - perhaps longer than mechanical disks would be expected to live.

    It's a good question to ask, of course, but the answer really is "it depends". If the SSD hardware lasts even half as long as the manufacturers project under normal usage, it should end up being about the same, or slightly longer than, a mechanical drive would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crawfish View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dave76 View Post
    Have a look at the Samsung 830 256GB, in this SSD endurance testing thread.
    SSD Write Endurance 25nm Vs 34nm

    These numbers are from a couple weeks ago.
    (PiB) 4.48 = 5.04 PB (Petabyte) = 5,040 TB = 5,040,000 GB
    It's showing signs of wear but, still going.

    The average desktop user writes between 7-10 GB worth of information per day.
    You can figure out your average writes and do your own calculations.
    The easy one, let's use 20GB per day of writes:
    7.3 TB per year
    5040TB/7.3 = 690 years

    Even 100 GB per day still gives you 138 years, not bad.

    Even if you get half the SSD life Christopher did your still looking at a lot of writes and a lot of years.
    This would mean the 128GB model (quick extrapolation) might get 345years at 20GB/day and 69 years at 100GB/day.
    A fifth of that is acceptable.

    Not saying reducing writes on SSDs is bad.
    I don't worry about writes to SSDs anymore.
    The rumors about SSDs being fragile are grossly exaggerated.
    I hope that's right. It doesn't change the fact that Intel rates their 520 series for "a minimum of five years of useful life under typical client workloads with up to 20 GB of host writes per day." It may be Intel deliberately set the bar low by a factor of almost 140 (their 5 years vs your 690) to limit their warranty exposure, but then they also went to the trouble of writing whitepapers on overprovisioning that reflect their published specs, which would make for a pretty elaborate fraud. Do other manufacturers specify consumer-level drives any higher?
    If you check the link to the endurance test there are Intel SSDs in the test and they performed writes much longer than the Intel estimates.
    As we know, each drive may be different for several reasons, the testing on that site just shows that SSDs are lasting much longer than the manufacturers have rated them for.
    They are being conservative, can't imagine any of them giving a rating for much more than 5 years even if they know better.

    The Samsung SSDs seem to be writing more than other drives.
    If you calculate your usage and the number of writes on a particular drive, you can get a ballpark figure.
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    Whatever the truth about SSD longevity is, everything I said about disabling hybrid sleep and using regular sleep still makes sense in the situations I described. Eliminating possibly 10's of gigabytes of unnecessary writes per day can't be a bad thing.
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    Hybrid sleep is something else. It's good for desktops where someone may not have a battery backup and could use the added benefit of having the PC write to the hibernate file before sleeping in case it loses power. I believe it's usually disabled by default on a laptop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kebero View Post
    Hybrid sleep is something else. It's good for desktops where someone may not have a battery backup and could use the added benefit of having the PC write to the hibernate file before sleeping in case it loses power. I believe it's usually disabled by default on a laptop.
    I understand what hybrid sleep is. I referred to an earlier message in this thread where I described the conditions under which it can be safely disabled and regular sleep used (along with some obscure potential security considerations). It may not be apparent to most that a UPS and its associated software may be able to wake a PC from sleep to hibernate it in the event of a prolonged outage, which is the main thing I talked about. I don't remember what the default is on a laptop, but the same sort of consideration applies if you have a working battery. (I don't, so ironically, I made sure hybrid sleep is enabled on my laptop, which I don't use enough to care about buying a new one.)
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    I use Hybrid Sleep on my desktop and laptop. IMHO, Hybrid Sleep serves better purpose on laptops.

    Situations Hybrid Sleep works well with (desktop/laptop in sleep mode):

    Laptop plugged in with no battery in sleep mode then someone accidental trips on the power cord or the laptop gets moved and the power plug comes off.

    Laptop running extremely low on battery and you set to sleep and forgot about it.

    Laptop in sleep mode and then some jerk/kids/friends prank decides to remove the battery.

    Desktop or laptop plugged in with no battery in sleep mode then the power goes out.

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    Some very good info here. I disabled hibernation when I installed my SSD. There's a good info here:

    How to CORRECTLY optimize your SSD for windows 7 - AnandTech Forums
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SSD, hibernation and wear... Needing advice!
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