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Weird PPPOE behavior in Windows 8

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    Weird PPPOE behavior in Windows 8

    I have been experiencing some weird problems with my PPPOE connection ever since I upgraded to Windows 8.

    1. Windows will never autodial the connection. Regardless of settings. When I thick the checkbox in "Connect Automatically", and click connect, next time the dialog pops, it will be unthicked again and it will wait for me to click the connect button.

    -I have made the connection available to all users by selecting "Allow all users on this computer to connect through this connection" and "Remember my credentials".

    -I have set it as "Default" in Internet Options and selected "Always Dial My Default Connection".

    -I created the connection as "Broadband (PPPOE)" in the setup wizard as it should be.

    2. Windows will eventually disconnect the connection.

    -I have unthicked the mark in the Power Management box on my NIC "Allow Windows to Turn off this device" so the NIC will always stay powered on.

    -Unselected "Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed" from Internet Options and set in PPPOE Options "Idle time before hanging up" to "never".

    My network setups is as follows.

    I use LAN as my connection type, with no modem in the middle. The LAN cable goes directly into the NIC and from there I set up the connection within Windows as "Boardband (PPPOE)", which is my only choice in the setup wizard, enter my user and pass and connect. There is no modem, it's a LAN connection with PPPOE authentication.

    Here is my question.

    1. How do I get Windows to always connect to this connection, as soon as Windows starts, or resumes from Sleep, even before I log into Windows.

    2. How do I get Windows to always stay connected and not drop me.

    3. How do I get this thing to connect silently, without any dialog boxes and pop ups and confirmation buttons, entirely in the background, without bothering me. Linux does it, Mac OS X does it, only Windows seems to be unable to do it. I am sick of looking at this stupid dialog box every time.

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    Update - Windows 8 just prompted me to "Auto Disconnect" because the connection has been inactive for 20m, despite of everything I've done in #1 to prevent that. I managed to select the box "Don't use autodisconnect" on time and so far it hasn't disconnected me, but for future reference, where should I look for that setting when I set up new PPPOE connections, because it's obviously not where the other "Dis-connection" settings are and is independent of them.

    The other problems still apply though - Windows will not auto connect when I resume the machine from sleep or reboot it, unless I login and tell it to do so, and it will still show that messy, old dialog box, making me feel as if I still have a 56K modem.
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    hi how to put PPOE auto connect in windows 8 ?
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    i have the same problem as I state in this thread no automatic connection(pppoe) at startup
    no one caring soul here on these forums?
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Weird PPPOE behavior in Windows 8
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