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speedtest/bandwidth related question

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    speedtest/bandwidth related question

    After recently changing my isp and I was just running a speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test on the Dallas > Texas as one one of games I play have their data servers there .. it displayed my download/upload around 0.50Mbps but the speed I'm paying for is 2Mbps. Currently I'm located in Bangladesh, is this normal to lose bandwidth if the distance is too far?

    I called my ISP and their tech guy said its normal to loses some bandwidth if the distance is too far and thus if I want better dl speed I need to upgrade my internet package and I'm no techie but this sounds sketchy .. I mean not every website/server have their own CDN and thus I'm sure I've downloaded/played lots of games/files or whatever from far away places .. and never had my dl speed getting low because of "distance traveled".

    Anyone know about networking and stuff can confirm if the above statement from the ISP guy is correct or not?

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    Perhaps I made it a bit too complex, simply put what I would like to know is .. say if you're trying to download file from one side of the word to a server located on the other side ... would it impact your download speed? if so like whats the ratio(average or an example maybe).
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    Hard to say how much the distance effects YOUR connection. The physical path the data takes thru the internet can be much further than the geographical distance because the data may get bounced back and forth around the world in order to connect to you.

    A much greater impact on your download speed would be the speed of the server on the other end. If that server is under powered or overtaxed then your download speed will be poor regardless of how much bandwidth you pay for.
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    In general you would want to download from a location near to your own. Distance itself does not effect download speed but the farther away you are downloading from the greater the chances that there is a slow or overloaded communications link somewhere that restricts your download speed. There are no meaningful calculations you can make. But if the weak (slow) link is that between your computer and your ISP, as is often the case, then other factors will not matter much. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. I suspect that is your problem but much depends on local conditions which I know nothing about. Your ISP will have the most reliable information.
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    Thanks for the insights.

    So short pretext when I was running the test .. I'm supposed to get 2Mbps and the result displayed 0.59Mbps .. which is just ridiculous.
    And later when I ran the same test using my cell phone's net .. where I'm supposed to get 1.5MB to 2.5MB, the result displayed 2.3MB ... which is quite normal and satisfying.

    Now lets go with facts from my understanding(in genral):

    # User location = static/fixed
    # Server location = static/fixed

    # Routing = changes based on each ISP or even same ISP can change their routing pretty much anytime ... which makes an impact on overall ping/download/uplaod speed
    # ISP server config = changes based each ISP and even same ISP can change their server config pretty much anytime ... which makes an impact on overall ping/download/uplaod speed

    And ofcourse bad routing and ISP server config can slow things down .. but its ISP's issue.

    so with that being said if one can get proper dl/ul speed using say ISP "A"
    And the same user gets bad dl/ul speed from the same server with another ISP "B"
    Its the "B" ISP which is the one with the issue

    So in this scenario ... no such thing as "distance = slow speed" correct?
    what reason could ether be bad routing or bad server config on ISP's end .. resulting in slow speed?
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speedtest/bandwidth related question
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