It's been a month or two since this is occuring and I don't know why.
The internet randomly loses and even though the taskbar notification shows that I have an internet connection

When I try opening a web page (Google Chrome), it shows a DNS error (unable to... something)
When I try going to the router setup page (, it shows an error (ERR_CONNECTION_TIME_OUT)

I also try using the cmd:
ping - showing 'request time out' 100% loss
ipconfig /flushdns - successfully flushed the dns but internet is still not accessible
ipconfig /renew - it says that there was an error renewing... unable to contact DHCP server (?)

The only thing that I could fix this is that I will go to the network adapter settings (in the Network and Sharing Center) and disable the Qualcomm Atheros AR956x Wireless Adapter and re-enabling it again.

I think it maybe a driver issue. So, I try reinstalling the driver but still no luck.

So the only way I can temporary fix this is to on-off the driver. And it's pretty annoying especially when playing an online match and randomly disconnects.

This problem (losing the internet and using the same troubleshooting mentioned above) is sometimes occurring when I put my laptop into sleep and turning it back on again after an hour or so

Please help me. It is really a gratitude if anyone could help.
Looking forward for a reply.