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What is using my Internet connection?

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    What is using my Internet connection?


    Some process is using the network connection at the rate of 0.2Mbps - 0.5Mbps.
    The Update Manager says 4 optional updates are available, but I have not selected them.
    I have scheduled a Windows 10 download, but it is not supposed to start for another 3 hours.
    Avast is listed but has not network activity.
    No browser is running.
    The Task Manager reports
    Service Host: Local System(13) ... 0.2 - 0.5Mbps
    When I expand it I see a list of processes but no details.

    Which one is using the Internet? And why?


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    Do you have your various security, monitoring, etc., programs and utilities set to automatically, upon sniffing the connected to internet, download any and all updates for program and databases?
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    I recently restored the computer to factory. Then over several sessions I got around 2GB of updates. So far I have only installed CoIDE and Avast. I'm notified by Avast when things like Flash need updating.

    I should only be getting updates for Avast and Windows 8.1, neither of which indicate updates are available.

    News Flash: The Windows Update window just popped up. It first indicated "Checking for updates", followed by "Downloading Windows 10" 9% complete.

    It appears that the network activity may have been Windows 10 related.

    One of the big problems I've had with Windows since 3.1 is the lack of information on what's happening.

    I think I know what the activity was/is, but my question remains. Not Solved yet.
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    Try to install eset smart security 9. For everything that wants to go online it must be aproved trough eset then you deside do you permit or not. Eset blocks everything.
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    Windows loves to talk to other computers, It can't go more than 5 minuets without trying to find another computer to talk to.

    Trying to understand why it does that will send you to the insane asylum.
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What is using my Internet connection?
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