OK, I'm using Windows 10 x64 and this problem first occurred when I used Windows 8 and then 8.1 too.

There have been many posts on this over the net it seems but I'm getting so fed up with drop outs its bugging me.

I have an ASUS Z97 VII Formula board and i7 4790K cpu. My net connection runs fine (approx. 210Mbit down, 12Mbit up). However, the connection drops out and I receive e1dexpress error 27 in Windows event viewer logs (32 when the connection comes back on). Error message relates to problematic network drivers. Link speed drops from 1Gbps full duplex which is mometarily lost each time. I cant connect to the net then and only way back is to power down router and switch back on.

As far as I am aware I have all the latest chipset and network drivers and latest router firmware but this still goes on. The pc is set to never enter any sleep states etc so why does this happen?

I've had this for months and months and have tried all suggested internet answers. Installed MEI drivers etc. The Ethernet driver uses Intel's 1218V.

Has anyone actually found a solution to this? It was common on another Intel Ethernet model too some time ago.

Thanks for any help.

PS. Occasionally I view device manager after a drop out and see under Network Adapters and my 1218V sub heading that 'no drivers are installed for this device' even though it was fine until connection dropped out. Reset router and away I go again.