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Control Download / Upload bandwidth?

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    Control Download / Upload bandwidth?

    Hey guys, what's the latest way to control my download and upload bandwidth in windows?

    is there a way I don't know about or does there have to be a downloaded separate program to do this?

    For example, I am uploading a Youtube video right now but on my iphone/ipad I need to use Skype and such at the same time so I need to limit the download/upload of the PC so Skype and etc works on the Phone..

    I don't care how long it takes to upload a video even at 100k/second but I just need my internet speed for the iphone at this moment..


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    idk about the windows but you can easily limit bandwidth throught your router settings ( write in url space in browser
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    Quote Originally Posted by shockxd View Post
    idk about the windows but you can easily limit bandwidth throught your router settings ( write in url space in browser
    Only if your ISP provides that here in bama my ISP I cannot even purchase my own router/modem if we are caught using anything they don't give us they will terminate our internet services perm.

    Really sux lol stupid local owned COOP $75 a month for 100mb connection and get capped and slap around lol, that's just internet no phone service or anything else I can bump up to 1gig for like $14 more bucks but I gotta test it first if they will even allow it.
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Control Download / Upload bandwidth?
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