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Network not showing connections for all computers

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    Network not showing connections for all computers

    I apologize if this problem starts vaguely but I'm not even sure what the problem is or where it's coming from. I've recently set up a media server (UNRAID) and previously and during everything worked fine with my Windows Network. If network discovery was turned on and I was connected to my router I could see and connect to about 5 devices on my network (2 raspberry pi, 2 laptops, and the media server). At some point, and I'm not sure anything specifically preceded it, I stopped being able to see connections on the home network. Not only on my computer, but 2 other laptops connected to the network (and my laptop discovers and connects to networks just fine at work.)

    My question then is where this problem originates from. I can connect to the raspberry pi or the server if I click go directly to the address bar and type in \\raspberry pi or \\openelec which are the 2 network addresses for those devices.

    Does anyone have any idea why this problem would occur (across computers)? Is it a router issue with the network?

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    Do you mean it doesn't show up here??

    if this is what you mean.. there are sooooo many factors.. I was just helping another person try to get the networks to show up..

    we ended up "mapping network drive" which is pretty much where you just type in the server name like //user//folder..

    but it's about making sure all your services are turned on for networking.. netbios over tcp.. services- peer networking.. network discovery is turned on in "file and sharing" in the control panel.. it a fricken disaster.. and there is 500 steps to check all of them.. especially if this just happened out of the blue.. and you really didn't install anything recently or change anything..

    and it can even be related to windows automatic updates.. and it is tuesday...

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    if you want.. you can start reading through here.. and look.. the same problems is even on windows 10 in 2016! love Microshaft..

    Can't see other computers in Workgroup on Windows 10 computer - Page 6 - Windows 10 Forums
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Network not showing connections for all computers
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