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Wireless Nework Adapter Experiencing problems - Windows 8

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    Windows 8.1

    Wireless Nework Adapter Experiencing problems - Windows 8

    Running Windows 8.1 my Wireless network connectivity dropped out.

    Some issues found:
    There might be a problem with the driver for the Wi-Fi adapter = detected
    Set up the wireless network adapter = Not run
    The wireless network adapter is experiencing problems = Not run

    Windows couldn`t automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network adapter

    Wi-fi driver info
    Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless LAN
    Realtek Semiconductor Corp
    Version 2013.8.915.2014
    Inf file name C:/Windows/INF/oem33.inf
    Inf file date 14 december 2014 14;12;48
    Section Name; LC8723be.ndi
    Hardware ID pci/ven_10ec&dev_b723&subsys_b73617aa
    Status Flags 0x180200a
    Device Manager status code 0
    Iftype 71
    Physical Media type 9

    Network Diagnostics log 7B717182-5125-442A-9E30-4DEE3A786FDF.Diagnose.0.etl
    Other Networking config & logs:

    Windows version 6.3
    Architecture x64

    I may have deleted some necessary files, I did delete two desktop.ini files and some other files,
    I have a file recovery program installed though Im not sure what files to look for there.
    (I wasn't sure if I had some malware, after my SD card showed empty folders, even though it shows that the
    data is there from the size of the disk.. which is why I know I deleted some things)

    I checked the WLAN Auto Config in Services, and tried to reset the TCP stack...
    Two of the messages returned from netsh gave Resetting failed, Access Denied.. not sure if that is normal.
    (It's from an Administrator: Command Prompt)

    When I tried running system recovery, it had a recovery point of a few days previous,
    but it fails on reboot returning a message of your virus checker might be using a necessary file.
    I removed AVG from start_up programs, but it still returned that message.
    Uninstalling AVG actually fails also.

    Any help at all would be really graciously received.
    Thanks loads.

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    If you were mucking around and just deleting stuff as you stated. Your only choice will be to do a repair with a copy of 8.1.
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    Windows 8.1

    I disabled the firewall as well, also changed the permissions in regedit (folder 26) to enable netsh,
    then tried system restore...

    System restore failed to extract the file
    C:\Users\Daenerys\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.VCLibs.110.00_8wekyb3d8b from the restore point.
    The restore point was damaged or was deleted during the restore.

    I also found the following were dependencies for the system restore:
    cisco eap-fast module 2.2.14
    cisco leap module 1.0.19
    cisco peap module 1.0.16
    lenovo solution centre
    REALTEK wireless LAN driver 1.00.0238

    There's always some person who says you have to do this, or it can't be done..
    Reminds me of the guy who said it wasn't possible to get audio in safe mode...
    I think the problem might be connected to a Lenovo update, I don't believe I deleted anything connected to the Network

    Using Puran File Recovery in tree mode I can see under System File Information
    I have .msi files for EAP, LEAP and PEAP in AppData folder.
    And the package VLibs with "8wekyb3d8b" appears to be connected to MangaZ program (strange).
    So I will try restoring these. And also WindowsUpdateInfo and DriverPackageInfo for good measure.

    As to the SD card, lies in a hidden folder, which is strange as online comments connect it to
    Norton 360, which isn't on my laptop... though I was connected to a network which had Norton on one PC.

    I tried it before posting, restore worked! And I got the network back :-)
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Wireless Nework Adapter Experiencing problems - Windows 8
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