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How to set up multiple networks in Win8?

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    How to set up multiple networks in Win8?

    I know this is a weird setup, but I think it should work.

    I have two computers: Windows 8.1 box and an old WinXP box. I use Win8 for newer stuff and WinXP to play classic PC games.

    Since XP support is gone, I don't want that connected to the internet. However, what I really want to do is put the Rust server on the XP box. I think it will work, it meets the system requirements. This will let me play Rust from the Win8 box, running on the WinXP box.

    The Win8 box has wifi for daily internet things, but it also has a ethernet port. I've run a crossover cable from that box to the winxp box. I've set up manual IPs on both boxes. Now here's where it get's weird.

    Win8 Wifi: 192.168.0.x
    Win8 Ethernet: (I figured I needed to make this different)
    WinXP Ethernet:

    From the WinXP box, I can ping and get a response.
    However, from Win8 box, I cannot ping

    I have a hunch that the Win8 box is trying to ping via the wifi connection. How do I tell it "it's ok to use the ethernet connection when you want to use Ideally I need to be able to tell Rust on the Win8 box to look for a server on and have it know how to do that. If it tries to use Wifi, it won't work.

    I've tried bridging the connections. it doesn't work. I don't think it's even what I want to do. I don't want to share internet to the winxp box, I just want to be able to communicate with it from the win8 box.


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    Nothing weird about it. There is a third party utility over at that allows you to manage multiple networks.

    Get a wired router for handling the network and Internet connection.
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How to set up multiple networks in Win8?
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