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Please help me in Internet Connection Sharing

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    Please help me in Internet Connection Sharing

    Pls help me....I have never felt this much helpless anytime before.,,,,now it is feeling like even internet can't help me and I wish this to be pls help..I am fed up now..

    First let me give you all a brief history..

    I am working in a MNC where they have installed McAfee which is really the ******* is blocking almost everything....from everything I meant EVERYTHING really it's annoying..

    My organisation has encrypted the whole drive...they have whole control on my settings....but I know everything can be changed through registry, group policy editor, etc

    Now moving to my problems one by one

    1.) Creating hotspot from office wifi

    My office wifi is not password is more than is like some EAP authentication PEAP...which i think is impossible to access in mobile because it requires some certificates I suppose..
    So I thought the other way round by creating a hotspot on my laptop......and this is the real problem...
    As every setting is against any sharing from my I started changing those settings

    First of all edited registry settings regarding sharing i.e shown in below screenshot
    Click image for larger version

    Than gpedit.msc
    Click image for larger version

    Than enabled ICS and Routing and Remote Services in services.msc

    And than gave following commands [beacuse Connectify doesn't work]

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=My key=abcde12345
    netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    And enabled "Allow other network users to connect through this......." and selected Local Area Connection *12

    So I think all the steps are correct

    but than the main problem started........
    It is just not even showing SSID in my mobile....I am not able to figure out...
    Once I thought it is not possible to share Wi-Fi connection over wifi hotspot so I accessed internet through a lan connection in office and much to my surprise it worked and I can use it in my mobile....
    But not at every place or floor there is ethernet I wish to start hotspot through wifi instead...Pls solve this and one thing I can tell is that as soon as I disconnect the wifi network or I can say I am not connected to any wifi connection in office but still wifi is on than i can see SSID in my mobile...I don't know why it is so but yes it is like this only....
    So pls guys figure it out
    One more very big problem is that I am even not able to create hotspot through my dongle..and the problem in dongle is that..SSID is showing in mobile and it is able to connect it too but there is no internet access...I have tried all things like "Allow other network users to connect through this......." is enabled or not.......i don't know why it is not working now as it was previously working before I got my laptop formatted...

    So guys pls pls pls solve this..I am in need of internet in my mobile..

    2.) Second problem is regarding blocked sites or softwares

    I know I can use proxy sites but they too are blocked and so I am at present a software named Ultrasurf but actually I wanna know that is there no real solution to all these problems..
    Can;t I just go to registry or whatever and disable McAfee services so that all blocked sites again starts working...McAfee is so powerful that I am just feel like throwing laptop....

    Pls help guys...

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    So you want users here to tell you how to circumvent your companies policies and regulations they have set on your work computer?? !

    that is what you just asked correct?

    If only I knew more information I would help you! haha

    I only know that sometimes how you setup the Virtual Network Adapter can be finnicky.. I've done it sometimes it worked.. somtimes it didn't..

    one time.. I was sharing it and it finally showed up on an ipad after like 5 minutes and then all the sudden it kept cutting off the ipad though.. so something was telling it I had sharing on and it kept booting off the ipad.. so I mean.. I don't think there is a tried and true method yet of getting around the actual router which probably see's packets going to different ip addresses or something..
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    but if you give me some time, i'll make a video on youtube of me using it and see if it works..

    but I don't have all the company restrictions on mine.. this is my home systems! I also bought a $10 external Wifi USB stick to create that "hotpot" and was internet sharing from a laptop that had Wifi to another ipad using a 2nd Wifi USB plugged into the Laptop!

    no Lan at all.. Wifi sharing to a Wifi Hotspot !
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    We cannot help you to bypass your company's policies. Please review the forum rules below.
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Please help me in Internet Connection Sharing
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