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Wireless failures on connect/no networks available

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    Wireless failures on connect/no networks available

    Wireless used to work fine on this machine. Now usually it will show no available wireless networks. I have other machines using wireless internet in the same room. Occasionally for no apparent reason the networks will be shown at their correct strengths. However any attempt to connect will fail and subsequently none of the networks are visible. I tried system restore but it had no effect. The bluetooth interface has essentially the same problem. I am not sure if there is a hardware problem with the wireless modem. It seemed worth seeing if there might be a software issue. I might have had some success reinstalling the wireless driver but I used the existing driver files and the problem returned. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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    try disabling bluetooth completely in device manager and elsewhere you see it..

    I've had a case where bluetooth caused major issues with regular wireless. (probably the frequencies or something caused my internet to almost stop/ be so slow I was about to cancel my internet package!) but it was the bluetooth!

    the next step would be drivers.. look for the exact model of Wireless card you have and get latest drivers..

    not usually - but hopefully on your manufacturer's website of your exact computer model would have them...
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Wireless failures on connect/no networks available
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