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How to find an IP address of remote router

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    How to find an IP address of remote router

    I know, I should have written it down.

    I have a small (HooToo) wired router as an AP in the lounge for the TV/Push2TV etc. I cannot remember the static IP address I gave it. I know the subnet and gateway for the entire network and I used to have a direct link to the HooToo in my browser bookmarks. But, yesterday windows died and I had to install a full new win8.1 and 103 updates. Now, no direct link.

    I am using dd-wrt on the main router and it doesn't seem to show the HooToo, unless I am looking in the wrong place. It does show the android devices connected to the damned thing, but not that specific router that those devices are using with wifi.

    Short of going through all the IPs one at a time until it connects, is there some way I can list all static IPs on the home network?


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    Why not just connect to it with a Ethernet cable.
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    Use an android phone and the find app.
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    Does it allow you to connect automatically? Try command line
    arp -a
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How to find an IP address of remote router
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