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Erratic computer which has now lost wifi connection.

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    I've looked at the settings and as far as I know they are set OK. It says This device is working properly.

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    Have you gone through to get your latest drivers for wifi??

    i just typed in google "Lenovo Flex 14-2"

    Click image for larger version
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    Hi, yes I did that a few days ago but the driver was up to date.
    One development today though! I tried it on someone else's router on wifi and it worked fine!
    All my other stuff works fine on my wifi except this laptop.
    I guess I need to contact EE and see if there can be a bad link between laptop and router if that is possible?
    Didn't think of trying another wifi before. I think this changes everything doesn't it?
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    I don't know how many programs and documents you may have to save, but I would save all your things and reformat and clean reinstall windows to be honest..

    Look at your first post, you got something.. your definitely infected with something.. I'm sure that could have changed your situation..

    Regardless if your wifi worked on another router, then try it again.. see if now it all the sudden "doesn't work" Perhaps whatever you have needs time to infect! haha..

    You'll have to save everything though.. Bookmarks etc..

    Look at your first post description carefully again.. I would certainly not feel to secure after that..

    Point is, whether you are clean or not now, you have still been compromised..

    anyway, some setting is set wrong somewhere.. but if it worked with your other "router" something is definitely scary.. It's only "your" router that you can't use??
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    Happy Holidays / Christmas
    I have been using Hotspot Shield for a few years now as it enables me to watch UK TV programmes whilst abroad. When I am in the UK I tend to turn it off as I don't need it so much. It shows up under 'Network Connections' as 'Ethernet 2 Anchorfree HSS VPN Adapter'
    Yesterday I looked at my account and got an error message saying it had encountered a problem. I clicked on the repair now link but noticed it was set to showing me as being in the USA. Out of habit I changed it to UK and my wifi started working !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely no idea why. I have used HSS for years and being set to other countries is what it is all about! It has never affected the laptop in any way!
    I still think I will go back to manufacturers factory settings and start again,
    Thanks very much for your input.

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    Ok Merry Christmas,

    sounds like a plan..

    If you don't mind paying some for extremely good VPN, use Private Iternet Access..
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Erratic computer which has now lost wifi connection.
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